About Lola and Simon

Lola & Simón is owned and run by Kirstin (a Kiwi) and Nico (an Argentine), who in their previous careers were a lawyer and a marketeer.

They believed they could create the kind of place that they liked going to: somewhere with a great atmosphere, delicious food, really good coffee, and great value and interesting wines.

After opening in late 2007 they have now established themselves in the heart of Ravenscourt Park, between Hammermsith and Chiswick, in a wooden fronted restaurant which opens up on to the street.

The restaurant is named after Simón (Nico's cocker spaniel) and Lola (Simón's mate, who was rescued from the streets of Buenos Aires) although Nico and Kirstin are now accustomed to answering to these names.

The proprietors strive to ensure that everything offered in Lola & Simón reaches their high standards. The menus are influenced by favourite dishes from their home countries, and ingredients include New Zealand lamb, Argentinean steak and New Zealand green lipped mussels. Brunch and lunch dishes have a strong Antipodean-cafe influence, and evening meals are satisfying combinations of traditional flavours with a modern finish.

The only things missing are the wagging tails of Lola and Simón themselves, who are busy guarding Nico's parents property in Buenos Aires, and who don't know they have a restaurant named after them.